Theoretical physics seminars 2003

Date   Speaker Title (click title to see slides)
January 2 No Seminar
 Happy New Year!
January 9 No Seminar
January 16 Brent Nelson

 Theory-Motivated Benchmarks for the Tevatron
January 23 Ulrich Nierste

 Lifetimes of Heavy Hadrons
January 30 Kazuhiro Tobe

U. of Michigan
 Revisiting Top-Bottom-Tau Yukawa Unification in Supersymmetric Grand Unified Theories
February 6 Cheng-Wei Chiang

Argonne and EFI
 Final-State Phases in B and D Meson Decays
February 13 Antonio Delgado

Johns Hopkins U.
 Renormalization and Unification in Randall-Sundrum-1 Models
February 20 Ayres Freitas

 Testing SUSY Coupling Relations at a Linear Collider
February 27 Zack Sullivan

 The Dangerous Beauty of Single-Top-Quark Production
March 6 No Seminar
March 13 Josh Erlich

U. of Washington
 The Shear Perplexity of Gravitational Entropy
March 20 Matthew Schwartz

Harvard University
 Discrete Gravitational Dimensions
March 27 Carlos Pena Garay

IAS, Princeton
 Solar Neutrinos: What’s Next?
April 3 Paolo Creminelli

Harvard U.
 Inflation and pseudo Goldstone bosons
April 10 Pavel Nadolsky

Southern Methodist University
 Resumation of large q_T logs in heavy flavor production
April 17 Lian-tao Wang

University of Wisconsin, Madison
 Little Higgs Phenomenology
April 24 Brandon Murakami

Argonne National Lab
 Anomaly-mediated SUSY Breaking and the Ancillary U(1) Symmetry
May 1 Seminar Cancelled

May 8 Shri Gopalakrishna

Michigan State University
 Proton Decay in a Warped Extra Dimension
May 9
Stefan Bosch

Cornell University
  Exclusive Radiative B Decays and Factorization
May 15 Tilman Plehn

  Charged and Neutral Higgs Production via Bottom Partons
May 22 Seminar Cancelled

May 23
David B. Kaplan

U. of Washington
  Lattice Supersymmetry
May 29 Hong-Jian He

University of Texas, Austin
  Unitarity in Higher Dimensions and Gauge Unification
June 5 No Seminar

 LR planning meeting
June 12 Patrick Fox

UC Santa Cruz
  SuperSoft SUSY breaking
June 13
WH3E, 10:30 AM
Toshifumi Yamashita

Kyoto University
 Coupling Unification in GUT with Anomalous U(1) Symmetry
June 19 Merab Gogberashvili

Tbilisi Institute of Physics
 Brane Gravity
June 26 Francesco Tramontano

Universita di Napoli
  Pentagonal diagrams entering 1-loop corrections with heavy quarks
July 3 Manuel Masip

Universidad de Granada
  Flavor-Changing Neutral Currents in Intersecting Brane Models
July 10 Cosmin Macesanu

Oklahoma State University
 Precision Predictions for t-tbar Production at Linear Colliders
July 17 Frank Petriello

  Differential Distributions at Higher Orders in QCD
July 24 Satyanarayan Nandi

Oklahoma State University
 Unity of elementary particles and forces in higher dimensions
July 31 Walter Winter

Munich Tech. U.
  Resolving Degeneracies with Future Neutrino
Experiments: Reactor Experiments, Superbeams, and
Neutrino Factories
August 7 Adam Falkowski

University of Warsaw
  4d Techniques for Calculating Loop Corrections in Higher Dimensions
August 14 No Seminar

 Lepton-Photon 2003 Conference
August 21 Richard Hill

  New Directions in the Soft Collinear Effective Field Theory
August 28 Alexander Belyaev

Florida State University
  Constrained mSUGRA Model in the light of Focus Point Region, Direct DM Detection and Colliders Reach
September 4 Rogerio Rosenfeld

UNESP, Sao Paulo
 The Tao of Higgs Physics
September 11 Alexander Lenz

Universitaet Regensburg
 Baryons in QCD
September 18 Kaustubh Agashe

Johns Hopkins University
  Grand Unification in RS1, Naturally (and without SUSY)
September 25 Matthias Jamin

Heidelberg University
  A Novel Route to V_us
October 2 David Kosower

Centre d’Etudes de Saclay
  Real Emission at NNLO
October 9 Ian Low

Harvard University
  TeV Symmetry and the Little Hierarchy Problem
October 16 Spencer Chang

Harvard University
  Littlest Higgs with a Custodial SU(2) Symmetry
October 23,
1:30 PM
Jaime Besprosvany

UNAM, Mexico City
 Standard-model parameters from spin-extended models and compositeness
October 30,
1:30 PM
Jure Zupan

  Lattice QCD with Heavy Quarks: Quenching and Extrapolational Errors
November 6,
1:30 PM
Ben Lillie

Stanford University
 Large Yukawa Hierarchies from Extra Dimensions
November 13 No Seminar

deSitter Days Workshop
November 20 Soeren Wiesenfeldt

  Proton Decay in consistent Supersymmetric GUTs
November 25
** Special Date **
1:30 PM
Irina Mocioiu

Arizona University
  Neutrino physics in astrophysics: pulsar kicks from neutrino
November 27 No Seminar

  Happy Thanksgiving!
December 4 Cristophe Grojean

Centre d’Etudes de Saclay
  How to do Electroweak Physics without a Higgs
December 11 Govindan Rajesh

University of Chicago, EFI
  String Theory and Cosmological Singularities