Theoretical physics seminars 2006

Date   Speaker Title (click title to see slides)
January 5 No seminar Happy New Year!
January 12
Adam Martin

Boston University
Accidental Goldstone Bosons
January 19
Roshan Foadi

Michigan State University
An Effective Higgsless Model
January 26 Enrico Lunghi

Analysis of Large tan β
Effects in the MSSM from the GUT Scale
January 31
Gilad Perez

Next-to-Minimal Flavor Violation
February 2 Patrick Fox

Naturalness and Higgs Decays in the
MSSM with a Singlet:
 Searching for a Stealthy Higgs
February 9 Lisa Everett

University of Florida
Viewing Lepton Mixing through the Cabibbo Haze (A), Viewing Lepton Mixing through the Cabibbo Haze (B)
February 16
Richard Hill

Flavor Physics as a Probe of QCD
February 23
Antonio Delgado

Can the Higgs Be Supersymmetric and Composite?
February 28
Lian-Tao Wang

Harvard University
New Physics and the LHC Inverse Problem
March 2 Charalampos Anastasiou

ETH Zürich
LHC Physics and Challenges for Perturbative Methods
March 9 Michael Graesser

Towards a High Energy Theory for the Ghost Condensate
March 16 Margarete Mühlleitner

Higgs Boson Production in Gluon-Gluon and Gamma-Gamma Collisions
March 23 Elizabeth Simmons

Michigan State University
The Meaning of Higgs
March 30
André de Gouvêa

Northwestern University
The Neutrino Mass Hierarchy
April 6

Pavel Nadolsky

Argonne National Laboratory
Transverse Momentum Resummation for Higgs Boson Searches
April 13 Ruth Van de Water

An Improved Method for Calculating the Kaon B-Parameter Using Lattice QCD
April 19
Chris Hill

Physics of the d = 5 Chern-Simons Term
April 27 Jure Zupan

Carnegie Mellon U &
Stefan Institute Ljubljana
Charmless Two-body B Decays in SCET
May 2
Nora Brambilla

Systems of Two Heavy Quarks with Effective Field Theories
May 4 Christian Bauer

Improving Jet Distributions with Effective Field Theory
May 11 Frank Petriello

Fermilab & U Wisconsin
Getting Ready for the LHC: QCD at Next-to-leading Order and Beyond
May 18 Misha Stephanov

University of Illinois Chicago
May 25 Stuart Raby

Ohio State University
Constructing 5D Orbifold GUTs from Heterotic Strings
June 1 No Seminar Fermilab Users’ Meeting
June 8
Lance Dixon

Bootstrapping One-Loop QCD
Scattering Amplitudes
June 15 Christopher Aubin

Columbia University
Muon g – 2:
Reclaiming the Theoretical Calculation of the Leading QCD Contribution
June 22 Satya Nandi

Oklahoma State University
Unification of Gauge and Higgs Couplings in Extra Dimensions
June 29 Alexander Mitov

Heavy Quark Fragmentation at NNLO:
from LEP to the Tevatron and LHC
July 6 No Seminar
Happy Independence Day
July 13 Heike Boos

Universität Siegen
Inclusive Semileptonic B
Decays in Soft-Collinear Effective Theory
July 20 Yigal Shamir

Tel Aviv University
Renormalization-group Analysis of the
Validity of Staggered-fermion QCD with the Fourth-root Recipe
July 27

Renata Zukanovich Funchal

Universidade de São Paulo
Direct Mixing Effects versus
Induced Mass Matrix of Active Neutrinos
August 3 Elena Couce

Universidad de Valencia
Neutrino Oscillation Physics with a
Beta Beam
August 10 Pilar Hernandez

Universidad de Valencia
Exploring the Origin of the
ΔI = ½ Rule in Lattice QCD
August 17 Ulrich Baur

SUNY Buffalo
Weak Boson Emission in Hadron
Collider Processes
August 24 Achilleas Lazopoulos

University of Nijmegen
BCFW Recursion Relations for
Gluon Amplitudes and the Link to Feynman Graphs
August 31
Gabriela Barenboim

Universidad de Valencia
The Dark Side of Inflation (pdf)
September 7
Thomas Becher

Threshold Resummation in Momentum
Space from Effective Field Theory
September 14 Maurizio Piai

University of Washington
Precision Electroweak Parameters from
September 21 Jeffrey Harvey

University of Chicago
NJL and QCD from String Theory
September 28 Keith Ellis

Seminumerical Methods for NLO Monte Carlo at Tevatron and LHC
October 5 Chung Kao

University of Oklahoma

Bs → μμ vs.
Direct Higgs Searches at Hadron Colliders
October 12 Mikhail Rogal

DESY Zeuthen
Charged Current Deep Inelastic Scattering at Three Loops
October 19
Erich Poppitz

University of Toronto
Old and New in the Lattice Definition of Chiral Gauge Theories
October 26 Benjamin Lillie

Argonne National Laboratory
Extra Dimensions and High pT Tops at the LHC
November 2
 2:00 pm
Kyoungchul Kong

Measuring Masses and Spins of New Particles at Colliders
November 9 Devin Walker

University of Wisconsin
Top Quark Pairs at High Invariant Mass:
A Model Independent Discriminator of New Physics at the LHC
November 16 Seminar canceled
November 23 No seminar Thanksgiving Day
November 30 Zoltan Ligeti

Squeezing Blood from a Stone: Shapes of
b → sl+l
December 7 Carola Berger

Bootstrapping One-Loop Amplitudes (Needles in Large HaystaCks)
December 14 Gennady Kozlov

JINR Dubna
Lepton-flavor Violation, Extra Gauge Bosons, and New Physics Scale
December 21 No seminar Happy Holidays
December 28 No seminar Happy Holidays