Theoretical physics seminars 2009

Date   Speaker Title (click title to see slides)
January 1 No seminar Happy New Year!
January 8 No seminar Happy New Year!
January 15
No Seminar
January 22 Alexander Mitov

YITP Stony Brook
Top-pair production at hadron colliders
January 29 No seminar
February 5 Christian Sturm

Heavy quark current correlators
for precise quark masses and strong coupling constant
February 12 Graham Kribs

University of Oregon
Dirac Dark Matter
February 19 Darren Forde

Automating One-loop Amplitudes For the LHC
February 26 Johan Alwall

QCD radiation and New Physics production at the LHC
March 5
One West
Spencer Chang

UC Davis
Discovering Nonstandard Dark Matter
March 12 Roni Harnik

Stanford University
Astrophysical Probes of Unification
March 19 Frank Petriello

Electroweak effects in Higgs physics
March 26 David Morrissey

Candidates for (Inelastic) Dark Matter
April 2 Witold Skiba

Supersymmetry with lots of leptons
April 9 Zackaria Chacko

University of Maryland
A Composite Little Higgs
April 16 Tuhin Roy

University of Oregon
Surprises in low energy supersymmetry
April 23 Gustavo Burdman

Univ. of Sao Paulo/Fermilab
Electroweak Symmetry Breaking and a Strongly Coupled Fourth Generation
April 30 William Detmold

College of William & Mary
Many-body lattice QCD
May 5
Sven-Olaf Moch

DESY Zeuthen
Top quark production at Tevatron and LHC
May 7 Fernando Febres Cordero

W+3 Jet Production at Hadron Colliders: NLO QCD corrections with BlackHat+SHERPA
May 12
One West
Simon Catterall

Syracuse University
Exact lattice supersymmetry
May 14 date moved to May 12
USQCD Allhands meeting
May 19
Taku Izubuchi

Isospin Symmetry Breaking Effects in Hadron Masses
May 21 No Seminar
date moved to May 19

May 28 Susan Gardner

University of Kentucky
Dark Matter and the Transient Sky
June 5
Octavian Micu

TU Dortmund
Explaining LSND and MiniBooNE using Altered Neutrino Dispersion Relations
June 11 Yeong Gyun Kim

Mass and Spin Measurements with m_T2 at the LHC
June 18 Sebastian Klein

DESY Zeuthen
Moments of the 3-loop corrections to the heavy flavor contributions to F_2 for Q^2 >> m^2
June 25
Thomas Becher

Infrared singularities of gauge theory amplitudes
July 2 Kirill Melnikov

Johns Hopkins University
Generalized unitarity and W+3 jet production at the Tevatron
July 9 Satya Nandi

Oklahoma State University
New Mechanism for Neutrino Mass Generation and Triply Charged Higgs Boson at the LHC
July 16 Raj Gandhi

Harish-Chandra Res. Inst.
Diffuse UHE neutrino fluxes and Physics beyond the Standard Model
July 23 Silvia Pascoli

Sterile neutrinos in cosmology and laboratories
July 30 Enrique Fernandez-Martinez

MPI Munich
Non-unitary and non-standard neutrino interactions
August 6 Gabriela Barenboim

Valencia Univ. & IFIC
A tale of two right handed neutrinos
August 13
John Laiho

Washington Univ. St. Louis
The neutral kaon mixing parameter from lattice QCD
August 20 Myeonghun Park

University of Florida
The latest and the greatest tricks for studying missing energy events (PART III)
August 27 Matthew Herndon

University of Wisconsin
An Inclusive Search for H->WW at CDF (ppt)
September 3 Peter Skands

Towards a Phenomenology of Everything (ppt)
September 10 Markus Schulze

Johns Hopkins University
Generalized Unitarity and Top Quark Physics
September 17 Jennifer Kile

Hidden Light Dark Matter in Neutrino Detectors
September 24 Mariangela Lisanti

SLAC & Stanford University
Disentangling Dark Matter Dynamics
October 1 Christopher Jackson

Higgs in Space!
October 8
Jesse Thaler

Cosmic Signals from the Hidden Sector (blackboard talk)
October 15 Tanju Gleisberg

Multiparton production @ NLO with BlackHat and Sherpa
October 22 Uli Baur

University of Buffalo

Measuring the Higgs boson self-coupling at high energy e+e- colliders

October 29 LHC-TI Fellows meeting
More information
November 5 Peter Graham

A Domino Theory of Flavor
November 12 PAC meeting
November 19 Rouven Essig

Probing Dark Forces with Low-Energy e+e- Colliders, New Fixed-Target Experiments, and Dwarf Galaxies
November 26 No seminar
Happy Thanksgiving
December 3 Andrey Katz

University of Maryland
Signals of sneutrino NLSP at the LHC
December 10 Tao Liu

University of Chicago
Prospects for MSSM Higgs Searches at the Tevatron and LHC
December 17 Richard Hill

University of Chicago
SU(3)/SU(2): the simplest WZW term
December 24 No seminar
Happy Holidays
December 31 No seminar
Happy Holidays