Theoretical physics seminars 2013

Date   Speaker Host Title (click title to see slides)
January 3 No seminar   Happy New Year!
January 10 Claudia Frugiuele

(local) R symmetry as the lepton number
January 17 Raoul Röntsch

(local) QCD corrections to WW production in association with jets
January 24 Daniel Mohler

(local) Excited states and hadron resonances from Lattice QCD
January 31 Lance Dixon

John Scattering in N=4 Super-Yang-Mills theory and the multi-Regge Limit
February 7 Prateek Agrawal

(local) The cosmological constant problem in scalar gravity
February 14, 15
  One West
Lectures all day long Andreas Winter Workshop on Electric Dipole Moments
February 21 Brian Batell

U. of Chicago
Felix Higgs couplings and precision electroweak data
February 28 Dean J. Robinson

Roni SU(3) Sum Rules in Charm Decay
March 7 Martin Bauer

(local) The Flavor Problem in Strongly Coupled Theories
March 14 Francesco D’Eramo

UC Berkeley/LBNL
Claudia Semi-annihilation of Dark Matter, in the Early Universe and Today
March 21
Ryan Gavin

Felix Squark pair production at next-to-leading order
March 28
1:30 PM
Aaron Pierce

U. of Michigan
Felix Top Partners as a window to Extended Scalar Sectors
April 4 Wouter Waalewijn

UC San Diego
Felix Combining Helicity Amplitudes with Resummation Using SCET
April 11 Stephen Martin

Northern Illinois U.
Roni LHC Higgs diphoton signal interference with background
April 18 Thomas Gregoire

Carleton U.
Paddy Electroweak symmetry breaking in supersymmetric models with a U(1)_R lepton number
April 24   Wednesday,  3NE Yuval Grossman

Roni Few remarks about the Higgs
May 2 Valentina Verduci

U. of Graz
Daniel Pion-Nucleon Phase Shifts in Lattice QCD
May 9 Sonny Mantry

Northwestern U. and Argonne
Ciaran Event Shapes for Exclusive Jet Processes: From the LHC to the EIC
May 14
Tuesday, 2:30 PM, 3NE
Eduardo Pontón

Felix Vector-like Fermions and the Electroweak Phase Transition
May 16 Florian Goertz

ETH Zurich
Martin Higgs Boson Self-Coupling Measurements Using Ratios of Cross Sections
May 23 Natalia Toro

Roni (Why) Is Helicity Lorentz-Invariant?
May 30  3NE Patrick Draper

UC Santa Cruz
Felix Two Vacuum Vignettes
June 6 Juan Herrero-Garcia

U. of Valencia
Felix On the dark matter annual modulation signal
June 13 Cédric Weiland

LPT Orsay
Felix Impact of fermionic singlets on lepton universality tests
June 19 Wednesday, 2:30 PM, 3NE Kunal Kumar

Carleton U.
Roberto Learning what the Higgs is mixed with
June 27 Georgia Karagiorgi

Columbia U.
Boris Sterile neutrinos for believers and non-believers
July 4 No seminar    
July 11 Carlos Alberto Gomez Tarazona

Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Felix Contribution to the neutrino form factors coming from the charged Higgs of a two Higgs doublet model Type I, II
July 18 Jack Kearney

U. of Michigan
Felix Electroweak Dark Matter – where do we stand?
July 23
Tuesday, 2:30 PM, 3NE
Kyoungchul Kong

Kansas U.
Felix Next-to-Minimal Universal Extra Dimensions
August 1
Arsham Farzinnia

Tsinghua U.
Prateek Hadron Collider Production of Massive Color-Octet Vector Bosons at Next-to-Leading Order
August 8 Spencer Chang

U. of Oregon
Felix Effective WIMPs
August 13
Tuesday, 2:30 PM, 3NE
Diptimoy Ghosh

INFN, Rome
Felix Shining the torch on stops and sbottoms
August 15 Chia-Cheng Chang

UIUC and Fermilab
(local) Local D^0 Hadronic Matrix Elements from 2+1 Lattice QCD
August 20
Tuesday, 2:30 PM, 3NE
Tong Li

Monash U., Melbourne
Felix Prove or Disprove Light MSSM Higgs at LHC
August 22 Roberto Vega-Morales

Northwestern U. and Fermilab
(local) Golden Obsessions: Identifying the Higgs Through the Golden Channel
August 29 Maxwell T. Hansen

U. of Washington and Fermilab
(local) Three particles in a box: Mapping finite-volume spectrum to S-matrix
September 5 Andrea Peterson

U. of Wisconsin, Madison and Fermilab
(local) W’ decays to heavy Higgs particles
September 12 Roberto Franceschini

U. of Maryland
Roni post-LHC R-Parity Violating Supersymmetry
September 17
Leo Stodolsky

MPI Munich
Boris Realistic Possibility of Observing Cascade Mixing
September 18
Wednesday, 2:30 PM, 3NE
Jeremy Mardon

Stanford U.
Roni Signals of Dark Matter from the First Stars
September 25
Wednesday, 2:30 PM, 3NE
Mikhail Solon

U. of Chicago
Felix WIMP-nucleon scattering with heavy WIMP effective theory
October 3 Ian Lewis

Felix Soft Gluon Effects in W+W- and Higgs Associated Production
October 10 Jamie Gainer

U. of Florida
Felix The Higgs Boson in the Golden Channel
October 14
Monday, 1:00 PM, 3NE
Eray Sabancilar

Arizona State
Felix Cosmic Magnetic Fields from Level Crossing Fermions and Sphalerons
October 17 Sam McDermott

U. of Michigan and Fermilab
(local) Constraining Light Dark Matter with Diffuse X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Observations
October 29
Tuesday, 2:30 PM, Curia II
Vikram Rentala

Michigan State U.
Prateek Discriminating Higgs production mechanisms using jet energy profiles
October 31 Sonia El Hedri

Paddy Bottom-up naturalness
November 7 Christopher Brust

U. of Maryland and Johns Hopkins U.
Felix New Light Species and the CMB
November 13
Wednesday, 1:30 PM, 3NE
Yang Zhang

Niels Bohr Institute
Felix Multi-loop unitarity via computational algebraic geometry
November 14 Tilman Plehn

U. of Heidelberg
Paddy Some Thoughts about Higgs Measurements
November 21 Sean Tulin

U. of Michigan
Prateek Beyond collisionless dark matter
November 28 No seminar   Happy Thanksgiving!
December 5
Marco Farina

Claudia Naturalness after the first run of the LHC
December 12
David A. Eby

Vanderbilt U.
Felix Neutrino Advances and Developments in Finite Group Models
December 17
Tuesday, 3NE
Terrance Figy

University of Manchester
Paddy Electroweak Higgs Boson Production in Association with Three Jets (A.K.A. VBF + 1 Jet) at NLO QCD
December 26 No seminar   Happy Holidays!