Theoretical physics seminars 2015

Date   Speaker Host Title (click title to see slides)
January 1 No seminar   Happy New Year!
January 8 No seminar    
January 15
Jared Evans

U. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Raoul The Higgs, Flavor, and Large A-terms in Extended Gauge Mediation
January 22

Luis Alvarez-Ruso

University of Valencia
Daniel Progress and open questions in the physics of neutrino interactions with nucleons and nuclei
January 29

Michael Döring

George Washington University
Daniel Baryon Spectroscopy: New Results and Perspectives
February 5 Michael Perez

University of Florida
Chris Hill Hunting for Hierarchies in PSL2(7)
February 16
Monday, 2pm
Pilar Coloma

(local) Neutrino oscillation phenomenology at long baseline experiments
February 19 Christoph Lehner

Daniel Hadronic contributions to (g-2)mu from lattice QCD
February 26 Jordi Salvad&oacute Serra

Raoul Cosmological Constraints on Newton’s Gravitational Constant for Matter and Dark Matter
March 5 Bibhushan Shakya

U. of Michigan
Raoul Neutrino Masses and Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter from the PeV Scale
March 12 Peisi Huang

Raoul Higgs Trilinear Coupling as a Probe of Electroweak Phase Transition
March 19 Norman Christ

Columbia University
Daniel Calculation of the long-distance contributions to
neutral kaon mixing
March 26
Kazunori Kohri

Paddy Coleman-Weinberg Inflation
April 2 Ann Nelson

U. of Washington
Paddy New Supersoft Operators in Supersymmetry breaking and Naturalness
April 8
Susanne Westhoff

Raoul Testing the Muon g-2 Anomaly at the LHC
April 14 Mariangela Lisanti

Paddy Examining Hints for Dark Matter in the Milky Way’s Galactic Center
April 16
Kiel Howe

Stanford University
Roni Natural Scherk-Schwarz Supersymmetry Breaking
April 23 Natascia Vignaroli

Michigan State U.
Paddy Distinguishing dijet resonances at the LHC
April 30 Tom Melia

Raoul Counting surprises in a 1-D effective field theory
May 5
Curia II, 2:30pm
Andrea Tesi

U. of Chicago
Raoul The Twin Higgs mechanism and Composite Higgs
May 7 Jack Kearney

(local) The SM Higgs Vacuum Instability, Inflation and the Fate of Our Universe
May 14

Flip Tanedo

UC Irvine
Raoul On Shell Mediators
May 21 Lisa Randall

Paddy Double Disk Dark Matter
May 28 Stefan

University of Karlsruhe
Daniel Charm CP Asymmetry Sum Rules from SU(3)-Flavor
June 4

No seminar
June 11 Prerit Jaiswal

Syracuse U.
Raoul Jet-Veto Resummations: A case study for WW production
June 18 David Pinner

Paddy Folded SUSY with a twist
June 25 Andreas von Manteuffel

Elisabetta Diboson production at NNLO
July 2

No seminar
July 9 Huey-Wen Lin

University of California, Berkeley
Daniel Probing New Physics with Lattice Nucleon Matrix Elements
July 14
Tuesday 2:30pm, Hornet’s Nest
Robert Shrock

Chris Quigg Some Recent Results on Renormalization-Group Flows of Quantum Field Theories
July 16

Robert Szafron

Alberta U.
Raoul Radiative corrections to muon decay in orbit spectrum
July 23
WH One West
Enrique Fernández Martínez

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Stephen The search for leptonic CP violation
July 30 Fred Olness

Southern Methodist U.
Paddy Precision QCD for LHC New Physics Searches: Working with heavy quarks at High Scales & High Orders
July 31
Friday 11am, WH3NE
Sasa Prelovsek

Jožef Stefan Institute
Daniel Charmonium-like and other near-threshold mesons on the lattice
August 4
Tuesday 2:30pm, Hornet’s Nest
David Kaplan

Johns Hopkins
Paddy Cosmological Relaxation of the Electroweak Scale
August 13 Andrew Kobach

UC San Diego
Raoul Global Constraints on an Invisible Heavy Neutrino
August 20 Myeonghun Park

Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics
Raoul Capturing soft particles at the LHC for studies of degenerated SUSY spectra
August 27

Gopolang Mohlabeng

Kansas U.
Raoul Boosted Dark Matter Enhanced with Self-Interactions
September 3
Filippo Sala

IPhT Saclay
Paddy Where to look for New Physics? Indications from WIMP Dark Matter and extra Higgs bosons
September 10 Anthony DiFranzo

Fermilab/UC Irvine
(local) Vector Dark Matter through the Higgs Portal
September 17 José Francisco Zurita

University of Mainz
Paddy Simplified Models of Coannihilating Dark Matter and their LHC phenomenology
September 24 Marcin Badziak

Warsaw U.
Paddy Gauge Mediation in NMSSM: Light Sparticles from a Light Singlet
October 1 Patrick Stengel

University of Hawaii
Paddy Variations on a WIMP
October 8 Chris Monahan

Andreas A new approach to the operator product expansion on the lattice
October 15 Mauricio Bustamante

Ohio State U.
Pilar Theoretically tasting the flavor composition of high-energy astrophysical neutrinos
October 20
Tuesday 2:30pm,
Curia II
Ivan Davidovich

Centro Atomico Bariloche
Marcela Beautiful mirrors for a pNGB Higgs
October 22 Akshay Ghalsasi

University of Washington
Roni Baryogenesis via Mesino Oscillations
October 29 Kaustubh Agashe

University of Maryland
Bogdan Composite Higgs and partially composite (rest of the) Standard Model (with a broad brush)
November 5 No seminar
  HEFT Workshop
November 12 Csaba Csaki

HEFT Workshop Displaced physics at the LHC: R-parity violation and displaced Higgs decays
November 19 Ulrich Schubert

Max-Planck Institute, Munich
John New Developments for Scattering Amplitudes
November 26 No seminar   Happy Thanksgiving!
December 3 Andreas Crivellin

Chris Quigg Explaining the LHC flavour anomalies
December 10 Dorota Grabowska

University of Washington
Seyda A Nonperturbative Regulator for Chiral Gauge Theories and Fluffy Mirror Fermions
December 16
Wednesday 2:30pm,
Curia II
Benjamin Fuks

University of Paris VI
Bogdan Next-to-leading order predictions matched to parton showers in the new physics context
December 24 No seminar   Happy Holidays!
December 31 No seminar   Happy New Year!