Theory Seminars— 2016

Regular seminars of the Fermilab Theoretical Physics Department are scheduled for
Thursday at 2:30 p.m. in Wilson Hall, Curia II.

Special dates or rooms are announced below.
The speaker's name links to a listing of recent preprints; the title to slides of talks.

Date   Speaker Host Title (click title to see slides)
January 7 No Seminar
January 14 No Seminar
January 21 Aarti Veernala
(local) Two Dimensional Super QCD on the Lattice
January 28 Hong Zhang
Ohio State
Paddy Inclusive Higgs Production at Large Transverse Momentum
February 4 Simon Knapen
UC, Berkeley
Paddy The SM mass hierarchies
February 11 Alex Friedland
Pilar Secluded Neutrinos: From Planck to Icecube
February 18 No Seminar  
February 26
Friday, 1pm (Curia II)
Stefan Prestel
Andreas Simulating scattering events accurately
March 3 Andreas von Manteuffel
Johannes-Gutenberg University
Walter Precise predictions for the LHC
March 8
Tuesday, 2:30pm (One West)
Daniel Hernandez
Paddy A chiral U(1) symmetry, dark matter and neutrino masses
March 9
Wednesday, 1pm (Curia II)
Shunzo Kumano
Stephen Structure functions of hadrons
March 10
Duff Neill
John The Soft Substructure of Jets
March 14
Monday, 1pm (One West)
Andrew Larkoski
Walter Precision Jet Substructure at the Large Hadron Collider
March 17
Stephen Amplitudes Workshop
March 22
Pilar Coloma
Estia Neutrinos as a window to New Physics
March 23
Wednesday (Curia II)
Jakub Scholtz
Seyda Flooded Dark Matter and solving Core/Cusp with fermionic dark matter
March 24
David McKeen
University of Washington
Bogdan What can we learn from neutrinos?
March 31
David V. Forero
Virginia Tech
Pilar Testing New Physics with Oscillation Neutrino Experiments
April 7
Rabindra N. Mohapatra
University of Maryland
Boris Parity solution to strong CP problem and Implications
April 14
Roberto Vega-Morales
University of Granada
Paddy LHC Probes of the Higgs and Other Scalars
April 21
Yoni Kahn
Paddy A Broadband Approach to Axion Dark Matter Detection
April 26
Viviana Niro
Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
Pilar Neutrino mass limits from galaxy surveys and implication for particle physics
April 28
Nirmal Raj
University of Notre Dame
Pilar Compressed Gluinos at the LHC
May 5
Masha Baryakhtar
Perimeter Institute
Kiel Searching for the QCD Axion at Advanced LIGO with Black Holes and Gravitational Waves
May 12
Simon Catterall
Aarti Fermion masses without symmetry breaking
May 19
Xu Feng
Columbia University
Ran Exploratory lattice QCD study of the rare kaon decay $K^+\to\pi^+\nu\bar{\nu}$
May 26
Malte Buschmann
Mainz U., PRISMA
(local) Lepton Jets from Radiating Dark Matter
June 2 Stefan Meinel
Arizona University
Ran Flavor physics with heavy baryons
June 9 Tobias Neumann
University of Buffalo
John The Higgs boson at high pT
June 14
Christine Davies
University of Glasgow
Andreas Stress-testing the Standard model with lattice QCD
June 23 Seodong Shin
Indiana U.
Zhen Vectorlike leptons from Drell-Yan and heavy Higgs cascade processes
June 30  
July 7  
July 14 Gopolang Mohlabeng
Fermilab/Kansas U.
July 21
Peter Denton
Fermilab/Vanderbilt U.
(local) Analytic and compact perturbative expressions for neutrino oscillations in matter
July 28 Pyungwon Ko
Korea IAS
Stephen What if the 750 GeV diphoton excess is confirmed?
August 4 No seminar   ICHEP in Chicago
August 11 Claudia Hagedorn
CP3 Origins and Danish IAS
August 18 Felix Kling
Fermilab/Arizona U.
August 25
September 1  
September 8 Reserved 
Chris H.  
September 15 Gustavo Marques-Tavares
Boston U.
September 22  
September 29  
October 6 Lauren Pearce
Minnesota U.
October 13 Haipeng An
Paddy Dark matter annihilation via dark bound state formation
October 20 Simone Marzani
SUNY, Buffalo
October 27  
November 3 Hua Xing Zhu
November 10  
November 17 Ian Shoemaker
Penn State U.
November 24 No seminar   Happy Thanksgiving!
December 1  
December 8 Ian Lewis
Kansas U.
December 15  
December 22  
December 29  

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