Theoretical Physics Seminar

Regular seminars are Thursdays at 2:30 p.m. in Wilson Hall, Curia II.
Special dates or rooms are given below.

Please contact Pedro MachadoJoshua IsaacsonJessica Turner, or all three for more information.

Past seminars

Raw date Event date Title Speakers Host Summary Links
20181213 Dec. 13, 2018 Lattice gauge theory with cold atoms? Yannick Meurice, University of Iowa
20190117 Jan. 17, 2019 TBD (Note location: WH3NW-Theory NW) Silvan Kuttimalai, SLAC
20190214 Feb. 14, 2019 TBD Julia Stadler, Durham University
20190228 Feb. 28, 2019 TBD Natalie Klco, University of Washington
20190314 March 14, 2019 TBD Jess Riedel, Perimeter Institute Pedro Machado
20190321 March 21, 2019 TBD Gia Dvali, LMU / NYU