Theoretical Physics Seminar

Regular seminars are Thursdays at 2:30 p.m. in Wilson Hall, Curia II.
Special dates or rooms are given below.

Please contact Pedro MachadoJoshua IsaacsonJessica Turner, or all three for more information.

Past seminars

Raw date Event date Title Speakers Host Summary Links
20190219 Feb. 19, 2019 Leading Hadronic Contribution to the g-2 of the Muon: A Give-And-Take Between Theory and Experiment (NOTE date/time/location: Tuesday at 11:00 AM - Conjectorium-WH3NE) Marina Marinković, Trinity College Dublin Andreas inSPIRE
20190221 Feb. 21, 2019 Dark halos around neutron stars and gravitational waves Ann Nelson, University of Washington Josh Isaacson
20190226 Feb. 26, 2019 QCD for the Intensity Frontier (NOTE date/time/location: Tuesday at 11:00 AM - Sunrise-WH11NE) Michael Wagman, MIT Andreas inSPIRE
20190228 Feb. 28, 2019 Calculating with Entanglement: nuclear and particle physics on quantum devices (Note location: WH3NW - Theory Room) Natalie Klco, University of Washington Josh Isaacson
20190305 March 5, 2019 TBD (NOTE DATE: Tuesday) Kevin Kelly, Fermilab
20190307 March 7, 2019 TBD Christopher Monahan, University of Washington Andreas inSPIRE
20190312 March 12, 2019 TBD (NOTE DATE: Tuesday) Christina Gao, Fermilab
20190314 March 14, 2019 TBD Jess Riedel, Perimeter Institute Pedro Machado
20190321 March 21, 2019 TBD Gia Dvali, LMU / NYU
20190328 March 28, 2019 TBD Saori Pastore, Washington University, St. Louis Pedro Machado
20190402 April 2, 2019 TBD (NOTE DATE: Tuesday) Nikita Blinov, Fermilab
20190404 April 4, 2019 TBD Anders Thomsen, University of Southern Denmark Jessica Turner
20190411 April 11, 2019 TBD Da Liu, Argonne Jessica Turner
20190416 April 16, 2019 TBD (NOTE DATE: Tuesday) Yuber Perez Gonzalez, Northwestern/Fermilab
20190418 April 18, 2019 TBD Noemi Rocco, Argonne/Fermilab
20190425 April 25, 2019 TBD Matthew Low, Fermilab