Theoretical Physics Seminar

Regular seminars are Thursdays at 2:30 p.m. in Wilson Hall, Curia II.
Special dates or rooms are given below.

Past seminars

Raw date Event date Title Speakers Host Summary Links
20170302 March 2, 2017 Neutrino-nucleus Interactions Noemi Rocco, IFIC Valencia Andreas inSPIREs profile
20170309 March 9, 2017 The Trouble with the Lattice Axial Charge Huey-Wen Lin, Michigan State U. Ciaran inSPIRE profile
20170314 March 14, 2017 TBD (NB Tuesday) Lorenzo Ubaldi, Tel Aviv University Roni InSPIRE profile
20170316 March 16, 2017 Few-hadron electroweak reactions from lattice QCD Raúl Briceño, Jefferson Lab Ciaran inSPIRE profile
20170323 March 23, 2017 TBD Ian Lewis, University of Kansas Zhen InSPIRE profile
20170330 March 30, 2017 Theory seminar Emmanuel Stamou, University of Chicago Pilar inSPIRE profile
20170404 April 4, 2017 CERN ν-Physics Summary Pilar Coloma, Fermilab; Pedro Machado, Fermilab
20170406 April 6, 2017 TBD Cliff Burgess, McMaster/PI Paddy InSPIRE profile
20170413 April 13, 2017 TBA Jozef Dudek, College of William and Mary Ciaran InSPIRE profile
20170420 April 20, 2017 TBD David Curtin, University of Maryland Paddy InSPIRE profile
20170427 April 27, 2017 TBD Ben Grinstein, UC San Diego Ciaran InSPIRE profile
20170502 May 2, 2017 Theory seminar Richard Ruiz, IPPP, Durham; (NB: Tuesday, WH7XO) Pilar inSPIRE profile
20170504 May 4, 2017 TBD Patrick Draper, U. Mass, Amherst Paddy InSPIRE profile
20170511 May 11, 2017 Theory seminar Amy Nicholson, UC Berkeley Ciaran inSPIRE profile
20170518 May 18, 2017 TBD Nicolas Greiner, Zurich John InSPIRE profile
20170601 June 1, 2017 Theory seminar Jacobo Lopez-Pavon, CERN Pilar inSPIRE profile
20170608 June 8, 2017 No seminar Users' Meeting Andreas