Theoretical physics seminars 2008

Date   Speaker Title (click title to see slides)
January 3 No seminar Happy New Year!
January 10 No seminar Happy New Year!
January 17 Jing Shu

University of Chicago
Top Compositeness at the Tevatron and LHC
January 24 Kiwoon Choi

Moduli Stabilization and the Pattern of Sparticle Masses
January 31
Jon Bailey

Light-quark Baryon Spectroscopy with Staggered Fermions
February 7 Thomas Becher

Precision Determination of αs from Thrust Distributions at LEP
February 14 Jan Winter

The Sherpa Approach to Calculating Multijet Backgrounds
February 21 Carlo Oleari

Universitá di Milano-Bicocca
Matching NLO Calculations with Parton Showers: the POsitive-Weight Hardest Emission Generator (POWHEG)
February 28 Yang Bai

Minimal Little Higgs Model and Dark Matter
2:30–4:30 p.m.
March 6
One West
Joint Theory-CMS Seminar
Meenakshi Narain

Brown University
Jack Gunion

UC Davis
Jointly hosted by the Theoretical Physics Department
and the LHC Physics Center

Top and SUSY Mass Determination in Dilepton Events

Accurate Mass Determinations in Decay Chains with Missing Energy

March 13 Tom Appelquist

Yale University
Lattice Study of the Conformal Window in QCD-like Theories
March 20
Anupama Atre

Heavy Quarks Above the “top” at Hadron Colliders
March 27 No seminar Public sessions of the Fermilab Physics Advisory Committee
11:00 AM

April 3
Eduardo Follana

The Ohio State University
Charm Physics on the Lattice with Highly Improved Staggered Quarks
April 10 Kai Wang

University of Wisconsin
Testing the Origin of Neutrino Mass at the LHC
April 17 Spencer Chang

New York University
When Worlds Collide: The Cosmological Observables of Pre-Inflationary Bubble Collisions
April 24
Adam Martin

Yale University
Probing Technivector Scenarios at the LHC
May 1 Sebastian Grab

Universität Bonn
Sneutrino or Stau as the Lightest Supersymmetric Particle in mSUGRA with R-Parity Violation
May 8 Terrance Figy

University of Durham
QCD Corrections to Vector-Boson-Fusion Higgs Production Channels
May 15 Tomasz Taylor

Northeastern Universtiy
Jet Signals for Low Mass Strings at the LHC
11:00 AM Monday,
May 19
  One West
Massimiliano Grazzini

INFN Firenze
Higgs Production at Hadron Colliders: Selected Results
May 29 Hye-Sung Lee

University of Florida
Proton and Dark Matter without R Parity
June 5 No seminar Fermilab Users’ Meeting
June 12
José Zurita

Universidad de Buenos Aires
Soft-gluon Resummation for Pseudoscalar Higgs Boson Production at Hadron Colliders
June 19
Satyanarayan Nandi

Oklahoma State University
A New Two Higgs Doublet Model
11:00 AM Friday,
June 27
Silvia Pascoli

Durham University
Detecting Dark Matter with Neutrino Detectors
July 3 No seminar
Happy Independence Day
July 10 Daniele Bettinelli

Universita Milano
Electroweak Model Based on the
Nonlinearly-realized Gauge Group SU(2)×U(1)
July 17 Gregory Mahlon

Penn State University at Mont Alto
Relations Among Spin Amplitudes for 2→2 Scattering
July 24 No seminar
July 31 No seminar
August 7 No seminar
August 14 Holger Nielsen

Niels Bohr Institute
New Bound States Containing Several Top Quarks Bound by Higgs Exchange
August 21 Shrihari Gopalakrishna

Heavy Electroweak Gauge Bosons at the LHC
August 28 Topological Interactions at the LHC and a Generalized Landau-Yang Theorem
September 4 No Seminar Happy Labor Day
September 11 Ian Low

Northwestern University &
Argonne Nat’l Lab
Kaluza-Klein Parity in Warped Extra Dimensions
Workshop Beyond the Standard Model from the Tevatron to the LHC
11:00 AM
September 25
Antonio Delgado

University of Notre Dame
Higgs-Unparticle Interplay
October 2 Jnan Maharana

Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar
Axion-Dilaton String Cosmology
October 9 Ruth Britto

Unitarity for Loop Amplitudes
October 16 Keith Ellis

Assault on one-loop QCD
October 23 Enno E. Scholz

Physical Results from 2+1 Flavor Lattice Domain Wall QCD
October 30 Lisa Randall

Harvard University
Flavor Physics from Warped Geometry
November 6 Gabe Shaughnessy

Argonne Nat’l Lab
The Search for Dark Matter
November 13 Chris Sachrajda
University of Southampton
Kaon Physics with Chiral Quarks
November 20 Elvira Gamiz

University of Illinois
Lattice determination of B0-B0 mixing parameters in the Standard Model and beyond
November 27 No seminar
Happy Thanksgiving
December 4 Henrik Johansson

Superfiniteness of N=8 supergravity at three loops and beyond
December 11 Puneet Batra

Columbia University
Supersymmetric Electroweak Symmetry Breaking
December 18 Neil Christensen

Michigan State University
December 25 No seminar
Happy Holidays